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A really horrible movie

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Kainaz Motivala, Raj Kumar Yadav
Director: Pawan Kripalani

Critic's I-view

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Credit goes to Ekta Kapoor as a successful filmmaker, making movies with the least known cast, within lowest budget and to till get a hyped promotion without much expenditure. ‘Ragini SMS’ released May 13, 2011is her production that became the center of a great controversy. Angry crowds pulled the movie’s hoarding in various locations and blackened the faces of the lead actors on promotional posters. The Censor Board slashed three steamy scenes from the movie and yet imposed ‘A’ category certificate. The factors created a kind of curiosity among the general viewers and those sitting on the fence whether or not to see it, wasted money on it to realize it’s just a horrible B grade film.

The movie reminds one of the B Grade Hollywood movies that thrive on the USP of love, sex and thrill. Raj Kumar Yadav of Ekta’s earlier movie ‘Love Sex Aur Dhokha’ fame plays Uday and Kainaz Motivala, his love interest, plays Ragini. They go to a friend's farmhouse on Mumbai’s outskirts to enjoy a weekend, which turns dirty when she discovers that the house has close circuit cameras all over to capture their real lovemaking. She is miserable that her lover will exploit her and then selling video clips. Their love turns into horror. The flick shifts from long, extremely sexy and hot sequences into horror until the climax. Significantly, the movie’s story is based on a real life story of a girl who was blackmailed through SMS. Certainly inspired by Hollywood’s ‘Paranormal Activity,’ Ekta tries a Bollywood touch. Ragini is an uptown girl and trusts her boyfriend even in matters of sex. But, Uday is addicted to bad mouthing and wants to make business out of his girlfriend’s sexy life.

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Debutant director Pawan Kripalani may get some kudos for making it appear. Though, most would agree he should have not have dwelled so much on the horror part that stretches all the way to the end. Acting-wise, Raj and Kainaz perform well and may forward to a bright future. Music fares well because of Faizan-Agnel’s background score. Even though like a typical such Western movie, ‘Ragini MMS’ runs for less than hundred minutes, it still seems a burden to sit through. The younger generation might just watch it to show empathy to the girl next door!


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