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Bittoo shoulders movie

Bittoo shoulders movie

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Pulkit Samrat and Amita Pathak
Director: Supavitra Babul

Critic's I-view

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Of the three Hindi movies released on April 13, 2012, the much hyped 'Bittoo Boss' hardly succeeds in entertaining the audience. It stars not too well known faces, however the former TV persona Pulkit Samrat as a Bollywood debutant leaves a big impact by his acting prowess. The female lead, Amita Pathak, known in the industry as producer Kumar Mangat's daughter, has to her credit one movie 'Haal-e-Dil.' Amita fails to impress as she looks more mature than our hero Pulkit. While the music is good and songs catchy, some of the lyrics are rightly termed naughty with double meaning innuendos.

In the movie, Bittoo Boss played by Pulkit Samrat is a young, handsome and ingenious wedding cameraman who takes pride in calling himself a 'Sesky Video Shooter'. He is the star of all wedding celebrations of Anand Sahib in Punjab. Bittoo believes in spreading happiness through the beautiful moments he captures through his lens that he sells as moments you can 'rewind and keep watching for years.' Though he is sort of a carefree man, but falls for a strong-headed bossy educated girl. The latter advises Bittoo to aim for something big in life.

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The movie opens with an elaborate Punjabi wedding that our endearing videographer Bittoo shoots. And, in his words, he exclaims he doesn't shoot weddings but emotions, not bodies but the feelings within, looking for happiness in everyone's life. Also, director Supavitra Babul seems to give his best but fails in presenting it with finesse and properly connecting the plot with proper screenplays. Pulkit delivers a cool performance and demonstrates very well that he can look forward to a bright career. Amita doesn't leave much influence. The character playing a cabbie turned Pulkit's manager in the second hour is amusing. Other actors are many but don't lend support to the two lead actors. The director's bid to prove protagonist Bittoo Boss as a hero succeeds to some extent. But, overall, the movie lacks cohesiveness as the subject matter of the movie, i.e. the plot, frequently detours, without rhyme or reason. The cinematography though is excellent.

Bittoo shoulders the movie with his mesmerizing acting. So, it is a maybe watch movie, if you ain't got better plans.



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