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Parineeti on way to stardom

Parineeti on way to stardom

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra, Gauhar Khan
Director: Habib Faisal

Critic's I-view

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'Ishaqzaade' directed by Habib Faisal, starring debutant Arjun Kapoor and recent newcomer Parineeti Chopra, definitely stands out better than the much-hyped 'Dangerous Ishhq' released on May 11th, 2012. 'Dangerous Ishq' features the comeback of yesteryear superstar Karisma Kapoor. The success of 'Ishaqzaade' lies in the combination of a unique script, wonderful location of Almore in Uttar Pradesh, excellent cinematography, music and background score. Arjun and Parineeti score their brownie points.

The story has Zoya (Parineeti Chopra) and Parma (Arjun Kapoor) belonging to rival political families pitted against each other in the upcoming elections. Their families known as Qureshis and the Chauhans respectively have warred for generations. The two kids grow up in the environment pervaded by hatred but happen to love each other passionately. They would fight the world for their love. It is quite amazing, but not unheard of in the past, that the warring families, as in this movie, decide to kill their own to protect their family honor! It is thus a story of love turned into the disturbing subject of honor killings. A fact that stands out in the story is that a Muslim girl, Zoya, can go hunting without a veil, but not marry into a rival Hindu political.

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Parineeti and Arjun have demonstrated extraordinary chemistry on screen. Arjun does not come across as a debutant actor, presumably due to his filmi family. Parineeti definitely tops the film and one can see her not taking long to reach stardom. She acts and speaks so well that Yash Raj Films must feel proud. She leaves many a contemporary much behind in emoting and handling the tough dialogues. Though this lead pair is seen on the screen for the first time yet their chemistry belies it.

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One would give credit for maximum utilization of the entire cast's capacity to director Habib Faisal of the 'Do Dooni Chaar' fame. Gauhar Khan playing prostitute named Chand sizzles in two songs and could have done a bit more in the film. Hemant Chaturvedi has beautifully captured the rustic life of North India on camera. Ranjit Barot's peppy songs are very well rendered by music director Amit Trivedi, especially 'Pareshan', 'Ishaqzaade', 'Chokra Jawan' and 'Aafton Ke Parinde'. They are already hits. Title track, sung beautifully by Javed Ali and Shreya Ghoshal, is excellent too.

A must watch and not worth missing!!



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