It Happens Only in India

May 11, 2012

Fire Walk Ritual Ranchi, May 11 (ANI): They say faith is blind. And the same was proved by thousands of devotees in Ranchi, the provincial capital of India's eastern Jharkhand state who celebrated the Manda festival with religious fervour and walked on fire to appease Hindu God Shiva. This traditional ritual is being followed since ages by people of the region and other neighboring villages. Holy Water Dip Uttarakhand, May 11 (ANI): It gives a perfect devotional view to see hundreds of devotees and pilgrims take holy dip at Tapt Kund, a natural sulphurous spring, located near the revered Hindu shrine at Badrinath in India's northern state of Uttarakhand. Baby Throwing Ritual Bagalkot, May 11 (ANI): When it comes to weird and wacky rituals, Indians are probably at the top of the list. One such ritual is throwing babies off the roof of a temple onto a sheet held by men waiting below. People of Bagalkot district of Karnataka’s state follow this ritual, known as Okali, with the belief of making babies stronger.

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