‘Jism 2’ music launch on net

‘Jism 2’ music launch on net

By Eye TV India Bureau

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This was certainly coming. Pooja Bhatt’s much hyped project ‘Jism 2’ starring adult film actress Sunny Leone has not been received well by the Censor Board. The director took to twitter to vent her angst against the Board’s suggestion to cut down on the sleaze quotient from the film’s promo to be aired on television. She wrote “First music promo for #Jism2 has been given an `A` certificate. And this was what one could call a truly watered down version (sic)”. It’s evident that Pooja is mighty peeved with the Censor Board. She Tweets more saying “So the deal is this -You can`t buy spots on TV for a promo with an `A` certificate. Which basically means you can`t publicize your music! (sic)”. An adamant Pooja refused to budge and decided not to take the Board’s remark seriously. She dares to say “So will I pare down the promo of #Jism2 to appease the censors? Or release it on the internet & push forward a more sanitized song on TV?(sic)”.

Then Pooja went on “Absolutely REFUSE to pare my scheduled trailer down to pander to an over cautious Censor board. Will release promo on the internet instead (sic)”! Reportedly, Pooja has decided that she would release the uncensored promo on the internet. She tweeted yet again “So we've decided to throw all caution to the winds & go ahead and release our first music promo on June 29TH as scheduled over the INTERNET (sic). Since we're going the internet way, you'll see an uncensored version! People who get easily shocked should be shocked more often”.



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