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A fantastic love comedy!

A fantastic love comedy!

By K N Gupta

Eye TV India Bureau

Cast: : Katrina Kaif, Imran Khan and Ali Zafar
Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Critic's I-view

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‘Mere Brother Ki Dulhan’ is the only Hindi movie released this Friday, Sept 9,2011. Really speaking , it’s too bold on the parts of producer Aditya Chopra and debutant director Ali Abbas Zafar to release it at a time when the Salman Khan starrer ‘Bodyguard’ is doing a great business by drawing unprecedented crowds in almost all theaters. While it’s not difficult for the producer to dare it, being the topmost one, the director who has been an assistant director with the YRF, indeed has shown extraordinary courage. Incidentally, the viewers, especially the youngsters, haven’t let the producer and the director down. In fact, they have stood by them through their positive and over-enthusiastic response. Even the first show in the capital was full in spite of very heavy downpour.

The movie began and ended on a very sweet note. So, it was a huge comedy though not new for the producer’s banner - Yash Raj Films, who are known for this genre. Similarly, the director deserves our kudos for coming out with such a brilliant script, screenplay, dialogues and the cast. The music and the cinematography are excellent too.

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The movie’s story revolves around two brothers and a girl. The novelty of the triangle love comedy is that both the brothers love the same girl. This is another matter that that the matter is finally resolved on a sweet note; unlike in the movies where the story ends on a tragic note. Hence, the screenplay is very well crafted to make the movie absolutely hilarious though with some twists here and there. Kush Agnihotri, the younger brother played by chocolaty boy Imran Khan is an assistant director in Bollywood. His elder brother Luv Agnihotri played by Pakistani singer Ali Zafar lives in London. Incidentally, Luv has had a break up with his girlfriend, Piyali played by Tara D’Souza. So, Luv trusts his younger brother Kush based in India with the task to find a bride for him as both have the same taste!

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Director Ali Abbas Zafar introduces in the movie a new feature - matrimonial ads in newspapers. This is not new real life though as you may come across a lot of couples who have made for each other through these columns only. In fact, this process helps in national integration! Thus, Kawaljeet Dixit’s daughter Dimple played by Katrina Kaif , invites Kush and his parents, to his home to meet the girl. Kush is shocked to see Dimple, whom he had met at an excursion some years ago. But the two families like each other and the marriage is fixed. In the meantime, Kush and Dimple fall in love with each other. While Dimple expresses her love, Kush takes time, and creates an awkward situation.

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The director and also screenplay writer is intelligent enough to convert the adverse scenario into a happy one by giving a twist to the tale. Kat invites Luv’s girlfriend Pia to her marriage, and apprises her of the precarious situation. In sympathy with Kat, Pia maneuvers Luv back and both flee away and marry. In desperation, both the families -Agnihotrri and Dixit - plan plead with their children – Kush and Dimple -- to marry each other to save the honor of their families. Again, after a few twists, Kush and Dimple find their wish fulfilled. As said earlier, the movie is perfect in all respects. Its dialogues go very well with today’s Gen. The lead players – Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif - perform so well that one cannot say that they are paired for the first time in a movie. Their chemistry is fantastic. Pakistani actor Ali Zafar also excels in acting; he has sung a song too in the movie.

So, don’t miss it and watch with family.


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