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Movie videos are becoming more and more popular among the Indian audience these days. The reason is simple; the videos help save the audience from various transport hazards to and fro home coupled with the recent police advice to avoid moving among crowds and crowded places, including cinema halls. On the other hand, the present times are very exciting for Bollywood that entertains the people at home. Following the release of several movies in the near past, 'Hello' releasing coming Friday comes with an especial interest for the movie among those youths who are engaged in call centers spread all over the country.

The movie has an unconventional setting inasmuch as it is in the backdrop of a call center. Though the film was scheduled to release in January this year it has already been delayed for ten months. However, this is the right timing for a film like this to be hitting the screens. Besides, the movie has an added attraction of Salman Khan in a special appearance. Moreover, Sallu's favorite composers Sajid-Wajid along with lyricist Jalees Sherwani have provided the soundtrack to the album. Broadly speaking there are a couple of good numbers like 'Hello' and 'Mitwa Re' in it, but it falls far short of enough good numbers needed for making a music album successful.

The opening track 'Hello' begins very well. It has the beep sound making way for Calypso beats to follow. Sajid-Wajid has provided this number keeping in view the taste of today's younger generation. After all, 'Hey Ya' in the recently released 'Kidnap', has attracted the youths towards it. Sajid-Wajid has, therefore, provided in 'Hello' the numbers like Ishq Bector, Herchelle, Merlin and Tim! So, he deserves credit for making a track, which could play in a lounge or a club or a discotheque, and entertain audience there. The 'Party Mix' is recommended for Saturday nights.

'Rab Ka Banda' follows next and with a Western sound. However, the number doesn't go along with the listeners. The reason is that this situational number, in spite of Sonu Nigam in the lead and Zubin and Sunidhi Chauhan lending full support, appears philosophical and doesn't go well with an average listener. So, one could easily skip it. Then comes 'bhangra' track in the form of 'Karle Baby'. This isn't new and fails to make an impact. Daler Mehendi renders it and with an able support from none other than Sunidhi Chauhan, but in vain.

'Mitwa Re' is a romantic number sung by Shaan and Sadhana Sargam. Though it comes out very well as a romantic melody, still fails in making an impact. Shafqat Amanat sings 'Caravan'. This happens to be the longest track of more than six minutes, and concludes the album. This is strange to find such an old type number in the present day album. Sorry to say that 'Caravan' doesn't excite anyone.

In the last, 'Bang Bang Bang', which is an excellent rock number sang by Wajid himself. It is wondered that the number comes out very average even with the Salman Khan power. Alas, in spite of the rock arrangements made along with pyrotechnics, it doesn't prove worthy of a concert. This number falls short of turning a huge attraction.

Overall, the album falls very much short of an adequate number of listenable numbers. This is for Sajid-Wajid to ponder over why his soundtracks have failed to rise to the audience's expectation from their album at a time when the audience is too keen on listening good numbers.



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