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By Satyajit - Eye TV India Bureau

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Meghna Gulzar, daughter of legendary lyricist and poet Gulzar, makes her second big move with family entertainer 'Just Married'. Meghna's directorial career started off with the unexplored concept of "surrogate motherhood" in 'Filhaal' (Sushmita Sen, Tabu) but now she returns with contemporary entertaining family film 'Just Married'. The film was earlier titled 'Honeymoon' followed by 'Baat Paaki' but finally decided to title it 'Just Married'. 'Just Married' stars Fardeen Khan, Esha Deol as lead pair followed by Bikram Saluja, Perizaad Zorabian, Satish Shah, Kirron Kher, Raj Zutshi, Mukul Dev and Sadia Siddiqui in the supporting roles. Pritish Nandy Communications comes up with another frolicking comical show after the surprise success of 'Pyar Ke Side Effects'. Director Meghna Gulzar has scripted this crispy family oriented flick that explores the ups and downs, pros and cons of different married lives. Latest musical sensation Pritam renders music for this frothy family entertainer with fine packaging of original soundtracks and remixes numbers. Noted lyricist Gulzar has penned the fun loving and sentimentally beautiful lyrics. The album has nine original soundtracks that can be heard on T-Series.

BAAT PAKKI: Pritam shows immaculate flair for delivering family "get together" song in a finely conceived "Baat Pakki" after showing finesse in loads of hip-hop trendy numbers and loud peppy soundtracks. This entertaining number comes in three contemporary versions and all of them promise loads of fun, laughter and melody. Gulzar's whimsically entertaining lyrics form the base for "Baat Pakki" and are emoted out with pompous and energetic vocals and rhythmic elegance. Neeraj Shridhar (lead singer of "Bombay Vikings") and Shaan show their youthful enthusiasm in combo as they disclose their lovable communion and commitment to their beloved in frothy and lively "Baat Pakki". Shaan's energetically peppy vocals lead the show and deliver Gulzar's spicy lyrics coupled with rendition of hip-hop racy lyrics by Neeraj Shridhar with full punch. Pritam's trendy harmonic settings offer surprises and sound sheer delight to ears and stand big chances of hitting charts. The second version comes as traditional family musical entertaining number where female singers sing in tandem and create festive decorum with male counterparts. Mahalaxmi Iyer, Sunidhi Chauhan and Sukhwinder Singh join Shaan in this family show. It works on subtle musical pace to match the situation with added fun loving prankish family talks in the lyrics.

"Baat Pakki (remix)" by DJ Eric Pillai comes as a welcome guest on the dance floors and sounds festive for its rumbustious and hip-shaking disco beats. Pritam succeeds in all three versions by imbibing different musical arrangements, optimum vocal talents and finely nurtured lyrics to give album a promising hit.

DOHA: It's time for sentimental hues of agony, pain and distress with a moral preaching and comes out in piously conceived couplets of saint Kabir in the soundtrack "Doha". Punjabi Pop singer Daler Mehndi emotes out traditional "dohas" in his excruciatingly pensive vocals with fine concoction of Sufi and Punjabi folk music. Pritam's music sounds impressive again in this sober and mellow number as he camouflages fine vocals with synchronized rhythms and beats. Recently, pop group "Euphoria" tried with traditional "Dohas" in their album "Mehfuz" with positive results and this number too has heart-piercing impact.

GUDGUDEE: "Gudgudee" means tickling and the number comes as soft and sentimental female solo track by ever vivacious Sunidhi Chauhan. It has the feel of jazz and blues where saxophone, violin and piano rhythms form the backdrop with sensuously crooned vocals. Sunidhi tries to modulate like Mariah Carey and tries her best to match the vocal excellence of her finely rendered numbers ("Butterfly", "Dream lover") with average impact. Pritam's music and Gulzar's lyrics are ordinary and have shades and glimpses of lovable Gulzar's penned tracks like "Lamha Lamha Jeene Do" ('Libaas').

JAGTE RAHO: Sonu Nigam's mellifluous voice captures the anticipating nervousness and intimidating pulsation of first delightful night in the melodious soundtrack "Jagte Raho". Pritam gives his best shot at melody in his first album of the year with Sonu Nigam showing his vocal excellence. Gulzar's expressive lyrics are exhaustive, engrossing and gripping and create an ambience of mesmerizing communion between two souls. Pritam takes break from rock and pop style melodies and comes with traditional melodious number with grace and promise. We wish we could hear more and more of this melodious stuff from the singer and composer in coming days.

RAM MILAYE JODI: The joyous marriage celebrations reache to its zenith and the turbulence of emotions are erupted with full force and enthusiasm in the fun loving soundtrack "Ram Milaye Jodi". Pritam comes with another thematically significant soundtrack of the album after the energetic and foot-thumping "Baat Pakki". Full throttle vocals of Sukhwinder Singh lead the bandwagon with the desired thump with the able support of Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan. Gulzar's lyrics are lucid and "easy on ears" with proverb like "Ram Milaye Jodi" used as the title of the track. The song moulds itself into interesting conversation about whims and fancies of marriage with synchronized balanced musical arrangement. Shaan and Sunidhi Chauhan's mellowed voice speaks for the sentiments of "baarati" while Sukhwinder's vociferously rendered vocals dominate the show.

DJ Eric Pillai along with Ashish Manchanda storms back on disco station for another remix number "Ram Milaye Jodi (remix)". It's conventional "club mix" number and has the body-shaking musical zest to rock the floors. This "happy go lucky" marriage remix song will probably find more fancy in DJ's collection in marriage parties than in discos or pubs. Sukhwinder Singh sums up the proceeding of the album with gloomy and depressing vocal rendition in "Ram Milaye Jodi". It's one liner brief rendition with the heart-piercing impact and should work with the sentiments of the film.

Pritam shows his versatility as he breaks loose from his conventional hip-hop and pop music style and impresses with traditional Bollywood musical work. The album comes with full promise with numbers like "Baat Pakki" and "Ram Milaye Jodi" with dosages of melody in "Jagte Raho" and "Doha". 'Just married' stands bright chances of attracting youngsters and will prove a beneficial preposition in coming weeks.


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