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By Satyajit - Eye TV India Bureau

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Anurag Basu, the prolific film director who made striking presence with erotic thrillers like 'Murder' and 'Gangster', is back again with 'Life in a…Metro'. Unlike his precious successful films, this film is based on the struggles and aspirations of youngsters who are centrally based in hectic "Metro" lifestyle. It will be the first film for dusky beauty Shilpa Shetty after her dream run of success in international show "Big Brother". Besides her, the film has the acting prowess of stars like Shiney Ahuja, Kay Kay Menon, Sharman Joshi, Kangana Ranaut, Konkona Sen Sharma and Irfan Khan in lead roles. It will be the first big association of director Anurag Basu with UTV Motion Picture as he had been prime figure in the Bhatt camp in his last two films. After the musical success of 'Gangster', music director Pritam Chakraborty promises another musical extravaganza in this Anurag Basu's socially relevant film. The music album of 'Life in a... Metro' has twelve original soundtracks that can be heard on Universal cassettes and CD's.

IN DINO: Pritam's protégé Soham gets a major boost in her singing career as he is in full throttle for emoting painfully emotions in the sentimental soundtrack "In Dino". The song is about dreams and aspirations of a love struck who feels special about his beloved and it comes straight with impressive lyrical work of Sayed Quadri. This soundtrack has solid hard rock base with enthused guitar strumming mixed with energetic percussions that collage well with spirited vocals and penetrative lyrics. Pritam's earlier composed "Chal Chale" ('Gangster') had similar feel where singer James sparkles with a fine set of lyrics and this number too grips with its idealism. It should be more effective as situational background track for its narrative element that works memorably with impressive musical work.

Bunty Rajput's DJ skills work effectively in pitching loud and funky disco beats fillers with impressive lounge music impact in "In Dino (Revisited)". This should keep mood frenzied on floors with its infectious bunch of vigorously paced beats, so rock the floors.

ALVIDA: The soft and sentimental feel of "never say goodbye" makes presence in enthused vocals that are clubbed with impressive hard rock base music in remarkably conceived soundtrack "Alvida". After "In Dino", this song brings out another fine work of poetry by lyricist Amitabh Verma that emotes out heartfelt sentiments of a lover who shows his excruciating pain of separation. KK shows his finesse once again and maintains his successful teamwork with Pritam in churning out the principal track of the film. The singer's vocals change its tempo as the depressed feelings are highlighted with fast paced hard rock feel. Like "Bheegi Bheegi" ('Woh Lamhe'), this has a rebellious touch that works in tandem with high pitched musical work and should be instrumental in album as well as the film's success. "Alvida" brings back Bangladesh pop singer James again and this time, he croons out with slightly different musical arrangements. The number completes hat-trick for him after the splendid success of "Bheegi Bheegi" and "Chal Chale".

O MERI JAAN : After heart-felt burning emotions of dejection, depression and separation, there is a fresh whiff of romanticism that is sprinkled with synchronized electric guitar strumming and effective vocals in the soundtrack "O Meri Jaan". Like all the previous tracks, this number is also worked upon with fast paced musical percussions in loud pitch and enthused vocal rendition. KK is back again and this time he renders this mushy love song which emotes out the inhibited sentiments of a lover for his beloved in soft n supple lyrical work. Newcomer Sandeep Shrivastava maintains the tempo of penetrative and meaningful lyrical work of earlier soundtracks and comes out with fine set of verses in this number that work in a promising way. Pritam and KK combo has worked positively again and all those hard rock music fans will enjoy this soundtrack.

Suhail, another Pritam's protégé comes with "O Meri Jaan (Reprise)" with added funky paced musical beats that try to make it slightly different from the original version. After Soham, this singer gives promising performance that should work optimistically in his favor in coming albums.

RISHTEY : Bangladeshi pop sensation James makes another impressive move as he comes out with soft and sentimental number in somber singing mode in the soundtrack "Rishtey". It is a song where "relationships" in a materialistic world are discussed at length with expressive lyrical work by Sayed Quadri. It's another meaningful musical work that should prove thematically viable in melodramatic situations of the film. James' variable singing mode with energetically punched musical arrangements shows the depressed phase of a broken heart. This soundtrack maintains golden streak of success for both Pritam and James and adds another worthy composition to the album.

"Rishtey (Revisited)" is contemporary "club mix" by DJ Nikhil Chinnapa and DJ Naved that might find its place in the latest DJ collector's listing. Its mandatory remix number with hip-shaking impact that should make it commercially viable among pop genre.

BAATEIN KUCH ANKAHI SI: Adnan Sami makes a promising entry in Pritam's clan with sweet n syrupy love ballad "Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si" in a soft and somber singing mode. The song brings back memories of "Lamha Lamha" ('Gangster') and "Ankahee" ('Ankahee') for it's sentimentally healing musical touch in soft pitched instrumental way with effective lyrical work. Sandeep Shrivastava's impressive lyrics "Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si, Kuch Ansuni Hone Lagi, Kaabu dil pe raha Na, hasti hamri khone lagi…" shows the different colors of love experienced by a lover that can make his life beautiful. Pritam has felt extraordinary about this lovable track as he presents this number in three different versions.

Disco culture comes splashing all the way with DJ a Myth making all necessary moves to chill out a rollicking feast for the floors with "Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si (Revisited)". Adnan Sami's voice is mixed with precision with techno-generated music to give it a foot-thumping impact on the floors.

Finally, it's Suhail with the mike in the slow and sentimental "Baatein Kuch Ankahi Si (Unplugged)". It has shadowy musical ambience where soft electric guitar strums make silent noises with perpetuating vocals. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most impressive "unplugged" version heard in recent times and will be a big exposure for the young and fresh singing talent Suhail.

KAR SALAAM: Loud, spirited and vociferous rendition of "happy go lucky" emotions makes noises with overenthused musical arrangements in the mediocre soundtrack "Kar Salaam". This situational has overexcited vocals of Suhail, Soham and Pritam with highly pitched rock music in the background. There is nothing extraordinary to crave about this number, except for its situational enthused touch that might prove a blessing for its box office prospects. Simply Average!

Pritam has embarked upon another trendy hard rock base album that ushers his promising prodigies to the front along with acceptable works by Adnan Sami and ever reliable KK. The album lacks female vocals and has been loaded with dozen solo male tracks that have many shades of Pritam's earlier fine works. Like 'Woh Lamhe' and 'Gangster', the album has lots in store for urban listeners and its musical success will be a boon for the film's box office results.



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