No 'Delhi Belly 2’

No 'Delhi Belly 2’

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Filmmaker Abhinay Deo debuted as director in 'Game' that didn’t fare well at the box office. However, Deo went on to win accolades in the hit adult comedy ‘Delhi Belly’. After the success of ‘Delhi Belly, Deo has been busy with three upcoming flicks. At the same time, Deo denies that he has any idea of making any sequel to ‘Delhi Belly’ in the near future even in the wake of the movie’s box office success and its good reviews. You may recall that Abhinay has directed commercials for Pepsi, Nike and Cadbury. In June 2012, he won a Gold Lion award at the 59th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for his campaign "I Am Mumbai" for the Mumbai Mirror newspaper.

He became the first director from India to win the award, considered equal to an Oscar. Later, he entered into feature films. When asked what he enjoys making most -- ads or films, he quips saying he enjoys both as each has its own charm. Anyway, ad films will always remain his first love while feature films have become a new passion for him.


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