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Everything is not hunky dory between the star couple Sarika and Kamal Haasan since her nasty fall some time back. Sarika continues to suffer from severe pain even after her recovery as her spine is in bad shape. She is reportedly depressed and irritated and it is believed that it is her husband's indifference towards her that is responsible for this.

Ironically, there's no other woman involved in the strained relationship between the star couple. It is mainly Kamal's obsession with his work and his film under production, 'Abhay', that is responsible for his not being able to devote enough time to his wife. The delay in the film, which was originally planned for release in May, is one of the factors that evidently has made Kamal feel frustrated and that has led to arguments between the two. Kamal, it may be recalled, visited his wife only once during the time she was in hospital in Mumbai, recovering from her operation. And she is said to very shaken and upset at this.

After her stint in hospital, she was shifted to the Regent hotel to recuperate, but Kamal didn't bother to visit her there also. He kept telling her that he was extremely busy with his work commitments. It was only the support of her two doting daughters, Shruti and Akshara, that kept Sarika in humor.

Now that she's back home in Chennai, friends close to the couple are saying that all's not well with the marriage and that Sarika is waiting to get better before she decides on any course of action. Whatever may be the truth behind Sarika's fall, she has let her husband know that she is upset about the whole thing and will not take anything lying down.

It may be recalled that Sarika was injured when she fell from the terrace of the actor's house on June 12 this year. She broke her hipbone and had hairline fractures all over her back. She went through two major surgeries, including one on her spine, at the Leelavati Hospital in Mumbai.

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Falling from a height of 25 feet, it was only a miracle that saved her. Incidentally, according to official reports, Sarika fell from the terrace of her house when she was talking to a friend over the cellphone. However, right from the beginning, there were conflicting reports about the incident. The family members and people close to the couple chose to maintain a discreet silence over the incident. But according to some reports, it was an attempted suicide.

The questions being raised are: Why was she not admitted to any of hospitals in Chennai which have some of the best facilities in India? Why was she rushed to Mumbai? Was it to hush up the suicide bid?


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