Small films spree

Small films spree

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Now that the cricket drama IPL is coming to a close, big and small banner Bollywood flicks are getting ready to be released in a lone line. Starting May 25, 2012, some 10 small movies in different languages - Hindi, Punjabi and English - hit the screens. Also, with India going the multiplex way for theaters, there are few options available to small flick that share cine complexes for a show or two. India boasts of a good discerning audience now though. Among the notable of the ten movies coming up is the Raghuveer Yadav, Yashpal Sharma, Nitin and Tinu Anand starrer 'Yeh Khulla Aasmaan'. Directed by Gitanjali Sinha, the movie has been acclaimed at some international film festivals. Others include an animation movie 'Arjun' eagerly awaited by children; Amole Shetge's bold movie 'Love Receipe' starring Suhel Kareem and Raani Agrawal; and, 'Love Rinkle Free' starring Shahnaz Patel and Seema Rehmani, made both in Hindi and English.

Rest are Shiv Dube's masala movie 'MLA' starring Deepti Rana and Mukesh Tiwari; Chaitnya Naidu and Rakhi Sawant starrer 'Raktbeez'; 'Chutki Bajaake' 'Chaddi Kala Punjab Di'; and 'Dhamachokdi'. Among the movies releasing May 25th, 2012, teenagers during vacation are raving for 'Man In Black 3' being simultaneously released in Hindi and English.


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