Stars’ fuss over clothes

Stars’ fuss over clothes

By Eye TV India Bureau

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Bollywood actresses have different perceptions about the clothes they wear. While some of them are ready to shed them to the minimum, others have inhibitions to wear bikini or scanty clothes. At the same time, some of them say that they can wear bikini or scanty clothes provided these constitute the script’s demand. They are right as some directors and the producers want to benefit out of the actresses dresses. On the other hand, there are many stars who are fussy about their dresses whereas several of them care a hoot. Let’s know their views on the subject.Model turned actress Esha Gupta says she has no inhibition in wearing a bikini or doing a lip-lock scene. She is proud of being a drama queen, and strongly feels that acting is difficult as compared to modeling. After ‘Jannat 2’, she is busy these days in ‘Raaz 3’ and ‘Chakravyuh’. She says, “I won't think twice before donning a bikini, but wearing a bikini in a drawing room, why I would say yes to that ever?” She also says that personal life is very, very personal to her.

Sheryln Chopra is all set to pose nude for Playboy magazine. Significantly, she is the one who turned shy at the prospect of bearing it all in the recent past. She claims she was apprehensive as she had never posed nude. It’s another matter that she has been prancing around in barely attire. Anyway, Sherlyn couldn’t resist the lure of posing for this international magazine and decided to go ahead.Minissha Lamba proved an exception by sitting on the wet stone parapet for a photo shoot while the actors are extremely touchy about their outfits. However, Minissha left everyone amazed, as she did not hesitate and posed happily. In the process her costly dress got smeared with mud, but she had no issues. When her manager rushed to clean the parapet, she asked him to relax. She said the dress can be washed.


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